Automated Goods Receiving and Reconciliation


With increased acceptance of ecommerce among the consumers, there has been an increase in demand and the variety of size and shape of the shipments. This poses a lot of challenges like shipment being packed in the wrong package size, wrongfully processing of an already cancelled order, shipment details mismatch with the product being shipped and many more, leading to increased dependency on manual inspections to avoid sales returns and associated costs. Falcon Autotech offers a range of shipment verification solutions that integrate seamlessly at pre dispatch stage and can help organizations overcome the above challenges. The below process flow outlines the working of Falcon’s solutions in this category:

Process Flow

The barcodes on the shipments are scanned automatically when they pass through the scanning tunnel.

After capturing the barcode data, an online dimension and weighing system measures and stores the dimension and weight of the shipment.

The captured data is compared with the master data which is present in the WMS.

In case the barcode, dimension and weight data match, the shipment is passed otherwise it gets rejected automatically through the kickout rejection system.


High speed verification of shipments

Zero sales return due to wrong shipping

High accuracy

Eliminates physical inspection of shipments