Batch Picking and Order Consolidation Using Put Walls


To meet spontaneous consumer demands, companies have to offer high number of SKUs that keep changing with the latest trends almost on a day-to-day basis. The SKU variability combined with unpredictable order pattern makes it complex to consolidate and deliver orders on time. Instead of the traditional order picking method, companies can now adopt batch picking method to consolidate multi-line orders with higher pick rates, using Falcon’s Put To Light solution. Order consolidation using Falcon Autotech’s Put to Light Systems follows the process flow detailed below:

Process Flow

A series of lights is mounted on the racks and each light represents one put location each.

Put locations are mapped with the order IDs shared by the customer’s WMS/ERP, at the beginning of the process.

The picked products start flowing into the PTL system.

A product is scanned, and the lights on the put location corresponding to the order ID start glowing, displaying the quantities of the product required in each order.

The operator “Puts” the product into the glowing location and acknowledges to mark the completion of the “Put” process.

The product flows into the next zone, where the same process is repeated until it is consumed.

Parallelly, other products start to flow in series and are put away as described above.

On completion of an order, the PTL Light glows in a different colour.

Operator releases the completed order from the racks and sends it for further processing.


Increased pick rates

Higher accuracy

Avoid need for highly trained pickers.