Cluster Picking: Wireless Multi Order Picking Cart


Warehouses handling large variety of SKUs grapple with problems like quick turn-around of orders having fewer eaches per order line with high efficiency. Falcon Autotech’s mobile Multi Order Picking Cart (MOPC) is a handy solution to address this situation. The solution comprises of multiple picking carts equipped with Falcon Autotech’s wireless Put to Light modules that enable the pickers to consolidate multiple orders simultaneously. Outlined below is the process flow of a solution using the MOPC:

Process Flow

At the beginning of the pick trip, a group of orders are assigned to an MOPC.

Each order is mapped to a wireless Put to Light indicator.

The pick information is displayed on picker’s PDA/HHT which directs him to the pick location.

The picker scans the location ID/product ID using his PDA/HHT.

The PDA/HHT displays the consolidated quantity of the product required in the MOPC.

The PTL module representing all the orders that constitute of the scanned product, start to glow displaying their corresponding quantities.

The picker puts the required quantity in the order and moves to the next pick location.


Increased pick productivity due to batch pick strategy.

Increased picking from one pick destination.

Higher trip capacity utilization.

Can be implemented with almost no changes to the existing set-up.

Lowest in class CAPEX solution.

ZERO equipment maintenance.

Minimal training curve for pickers.

Scalable solution: MOPCs can be introduced into the system during peaks and taken out during lean period.