Directed Put Away into Storage Areas


With the increasing size of modern-day fulfilment centres and distribution centres, the ability to put away incoming goods, in a quick and reliable manner, is becoming a crucial factor that most organizations are struggling with. Falcon Autotech helps these organisations in automating this process to eliminate error and increase efficiencies.

Current Process

After generation of GRN, the incoming goods are packed into cartons. The packed cartons are then stored in the warehouses for storage. The cartons to be stored are stacked in pallets and these pallets are transferred to different floors via lifts in the case of storage on mezzanines or through HPTs/forklifts in the case of multi-level shelving systems. At respective floors, the cartons are shifted to the dedicated zones using trolleys or HPTs.


High dependency on manpower.

Space chokepoints created at different sections of the warehouse.

Manual intervention may cause inaccurate put away, which might lead to inventory not being available at the desired location during the picking process, thereby leading to unfulfilled/ delayed customer orders.

Inaccurate put away may also lead to dead inventory.

In The Direct Put Away Scenario

After the generation of the GRN, while the cartons are on the conveyors, their barcodes/RFID are scanned automatically. All relevant information about the scanned cartons is fetched from the WMS, after which the system obtains information about the storage location of the cartons. A network of conveyors will automatically carry the cartons to the desired location. As the name suggests (Direct Put Away), the cartons are directed to the appropriate storage zones of the warehouse using scanning systems, conveyors, diversions, and vertical transport systems. The only manual intervention required is to place the cartons physically on the conveyor at the input side and to put away the cartons in the storage location from the conveyor. The system ensures that, besides the actions mentioned above, manual intervention in the process is minimal.


Enhanced working environment, which eliminates tedious manual work.

Considerable reduction in the manpower count.

Proper utilization of the space.

Proper Inventory management.

Streamlined material flow eliminating manual intervention and associated issues like pilferages and improper handling.

Shelf life of the goods is clearly identified for “Sell by date”.

Accurate put away leading to Inventory being available at the desired location during the picking process, resulting in the timely and more efficient fulfilment of customer orders.