Dispatch Sorting


The final step of order processing inside a fulfilment centre is dispatching the packed orders. Often organizations work with multiple transporters and courier companies to deliver the shipments while in some cases, organizations have their own fleet to deliver the orders. In either case, the packed orders need to be sorted out before they can be handed over for dispatch. This sorting would be done either at a transporter/courier partner level or at a dispatch route level. With ever increasing pressure of reducing SLAs and increasing customer expectations, ensuring that the process of shipment sorting and handover happens reliably at a swift rate is a challenge that most of the organizations face today.

Falcon Autotech offers a wide range of automated sorters to choose from, that are designed specifically to meet the demanding application of dispatch sorting as per customers’ operational requirement.

Falcon’s sortation line is supported by its proprietary and highly flexible sorter software suite: ControlIT, that can accommodate changing operational needs and can adapt itself to meet the business specific requirements.