Kitting: Pick to Light walls


Preparation of Kits either for Product Assembly or Spare Sets is one of the most important and daunting tasks in the manufacturing industry. Differentiating between similar looking child parts creates a challenge in making accurate kits leading to slower and less efficient process therefore causing multiple changes in daily production plans. Automotive, Consumer Electronics or any other Industry that requires preparation of Kits stand to benefit immensely from Falcon’s Pick to Light Solution for Kitting. Kitting Process using Falcon Autotech’s Pick to Light Systems follows the process flow detailed below:

Process Flow

The PTL Light indicators are mounted on Inventory racks where SKUs are stored.

Each Light Indicator represents a SKU in the Inventory.

Pre-defined Kit recipes are fed into the PTL Software Module.

Depending upon the requirement, the operator selects the kit for kitting.

Upon kit selection, the software triggers the Light Indicators as per the required SKUs in the current Active Recipe.

The Light Indicators also display the quantity required per SKU.

Multiple Pick Zones can be defined in the system to facilitate picking of multiple recipes simultaneously.


Increased pick rates

Higher accuracy

Avoid need for highly trained pickers.