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Hidden technologies changing our shopping experience

Ecommerce sites finally solve the conundrum of sustainable growth and profitability

Ecommerce sites have been able to gain traction thus far, by indulging shoppers in cash-backs and discounts.
However, the same had a cobra effect on the economy, doing more harm than good, raising doubts on the authenticity of these sites. Ecommerce sites of today seem to finally solve the conundrum of sustainable growth and profitability, by extending the most intuitive and simplified experience. Since technology has always come to the rescue of economy, let us delve deeper and get acquainted with tech-startups assisting ecommerce sites extend a customer experience so simplified, it’s borderline magical.


Product Discover Made Easy

Product discovery has always been a pain point for the consumers, for it has never been easy describing an elaborate pattern and or fabric. Endeavoring to tackle the same, Staqu pioneered bi-directional image understanding, an innovative image-to-image matching system simplifying product search via uploading images, also offering most suitable recommendations in real-time. Choosing to go the B2B way, Staqu has empowered the backend processes of PayTM and Yepme, with plans of further expansion.


Simplifying the decision making dilemma

Who would have thought being spoilt for choice would be a problem? However, with the enormous ecommerce sites sprouting up, consumers today have to battle with decision fatigue, often resulting in shopping cart abandonment. As an ecommerce product discovery and recommendation platform, Unbxd Inc is helping users solve the buying dilemma. With alternatives for personalized search, comprehensive navigation and intelligent product recommendation, Unbxd has transformed the buying behaviour of over 1,200 companies located across 40 countries.


Tackling warehousing concerns via automation

It is pivotal that the right product reaches the right doorstep, since every delivery is unquestionably paramount.
Understanding the warehousing activities, Falcon Autotech ensures the most efficient product delivery Introducing deep Automation Roots, Falcon is one amongst the leading solution providers in India, automating the warehousing tasks in ecommerce retail, warehousing, logistics, including courier and parcel, food and FMCG, pharmaceutical and automobiles.


Organising the chaotic logistics segment

Consumers expect the deliveries to be more transparent and agile. This simple expectation is a colossal task for companies with large scale operations, including Myntra, Flipkart and Snapdeal. LogiNext Solutions is bridging the gap by disrupting the world of logistics with big data analytics and IOT.

Note: Article Featuring Falcon Autotech was Originally Published in The Asian Age, National Edition on 27th October 2016

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