Mail Sorter machine by Falcon Autotech

High-speed sortation system with over 28,000+ shipments per hour

E-commerce logistics need end-to-end automation

India’s growing eCommerce market is expected to grow from $14 billion in 2015 to $55 billion in 2018, says a report by marketing research firm eMarketer.1

Increasing popularity of E-commerce is driving more and more people online and processing millions of orders per day is a challenging task for E-commerce and logistics Industry.

Falcon Autotech India’s robotics firm providing indigenously develop low cost end-to-end automation solutions to leading E-commerce and Logistics companies.

FAPL manufacturers wide ranges of Industrial Automation products include Mail Sorting Machines, Conveyor systems, Online Check Weigher Machine, Dimension and Weight Scanning System, Parcel Lockers for courier industry and distribution companies.

The popular sortation solutions by FAPL include Tilt tray sorter, this high speed sorter system sort 28,000+ items efficiently and gently irrespective of shape, size or surface characteristics of the items while Product Discharge.

Sahil Barua, CEO, Delhivery recommending Falcon’s Sorter said “Their sortation systems have helped us deal effectively with our growing volumes and helped us build better customized solutions for Delhivery”.

Speaking in a same spirit Rishi Sareen, Vice President–IT, Ecom Express Pvt Ltd “Falcon’s Sorter systems has truly transformed a largely manual system to an automated process that increased our efficiency and through put, and prepared us for a period of significant growth. This project met time and budget constraints; and the ROI exceeded expectations. Looking back, we simply could not have handled the growth without Falcon’s Automation systems”

Two common configurations of Falcon’s Tilt Tray Sorter are Loop Sorter and Linear Sorter.

Beside Side Arm Sorter developed by Falcon is an extremely cost effective Sortation System designed for low to medium Volume Centers.

Sortation Technology

With increasing demands for modern sortation and distribution Systems our company is focusing on research and development. Naman Jain, Head Business Development at FAPL said we are leading manufacturers of sorter systems in India and our state-of-the-art sorting technologies helping in processing high capacity distribution centers, further he announces that company is launching it much awaited Cross belt sorter very soon.


Benefits of Falcon Parcel Sorting Machine

  • Lower Per-Packet Processing Time
  • Increased Space utilization
  • Error free Operations
  • Predictability in handling Peaks
  • End To End Process Transparency
  • Increased Scalability
  • Reduction in Dependency on Skilled Man Power

Integration into software systems

Falcon’s flexible and modular Software Suite propels the entire backend of the Sortation System and presents a user friendly Interface for the users to interact with the System and can be integrated with following Packages

  1. Dimensioning Software package (DSP)
  2. PPTL Control Software Package (PCSP)



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