Falcon Autotech & Make In India

With the growing spread of E Commerce into farthest corners of most geographies, the growth potential of E Com companies is very huge. This has resulted in more and more players, both from India as well as Multinationals jumping into this bandwagon. In order to maintain their competitive edge, they are scrambling to strengthen their supply chain network. They are adding more and more warehouses as well as 3 PL partners who in turn are setting up warehouses for the E com companies. In order to improve delivery times and avoid errors, warehouses are being automated with aides such as high speed sortation systems, ASRS, Conveyors, Unloading Systems, PPTL system among other material handling solutions.

The team at Falcon Autotech were among the first in India to recognise this potential and quickly and decisively moved into this lucrative field. Being technocrats, they could gauge the technical nuances and importance of material handling and sortation automation. As leading players in the world had already embarked on design and production of automation systems, Falcon Autotech had to find an effective policy to penetrate the Indian market and compete with the Multinational Giants.
Falcon Autotech made two crucial decisions at the very beginning which have been guiding the growth and fortunes of the company since. The first decision was to have a clear focus on the areas within warehouse automation where Falcon would develop products and solutions. The second decision was to retain a marked difference from the Multinational competitors by focussing on completely developing indigenous products right from conceptualising and designing up to building the machines. Amazingly, this is perfectly in sync with the call given by our Honourable Prime Minister to Indian companies to Make in India. Hence, Falcon Autotech can proudly claim to be a truly Make In India Company.

Falcon Autotech has since the last few years moved beyond just Make in India. Our solutions are known for their ability to match the product quality and technologies of leading Multinational players while we have been able to retain a largely aggressive Indian Pricing. This has helped us to start exporting our products and solutions to leading geographies around the world. We can proudly claim that our Make in India products and solutions are getting popular and acceptable even in Geographies like Western Europe and the USA.

While we are building up our sales teams and overseas partnership networks to ramp up our exports, in keeping with the rapidly maturing warehouse automation field, we have set up a strong R&D team which is working on developing new technologies and products to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers.

So Falcon Autotech is firmly focussed on being a truly Make In India company which will also be a leading supplier in the global market of not just high quality commercially aggressive products and solutions, but also a company that develops newer technologies and products which firmly meets the Make In India aspirations of our Government