Low Speed Light Based Sortation


Falcon Autotech’s Put to Light sortation system is designed for applications that require sorting of individual parcels into bags, cartons, crates, etc. in a cost effective and accurate manner. The system involves a collection of physical sorting locations representing either a customer order, courier partner, address location or any other logical sorting group.

Process Flow

A single or multiple sorting zone can be defined in the system. Each sorting zone contains a set number of PTL modules representing their respective bags, crates, cartons, etc.

Falcon Autotech’s PTL control software, commands the relevant light Indicator to glow up and display any metadata on the LED display.

A confirm button is pressed at the end, to complete the “Put” process. The next shipment is then scanned, “Put” and confirmed.

“Close barcode” is scanned when a bag (or carton or crate) gets filled and the shipping label gets printed automatically.

A “New Bag (or carton or crate)” barcode is scanned to start sorting in the new bag (or carton or crate) in the same PTL location.

An operator picks a shipment and scans its barcode.

Operator then “Puts” the product into the glowing PTL location.


Increased worker productivity.

Economical option.

Eliminates manual sorting errors.

99% + accuracy.

Reliable technology with almost negligible failure rate.

Paperless and efficient process.

Rapid manufacturing, installation & commissioning.

Reduce staff training efforts.