Falcon Autotech Expands its Presence in Australia

Falcon Autotech takes flight

Falcon Autotech’s products start with a diverse range of sortation equipment.

With its origins in India, a bustling hotbed of technological advancements and innovative thinking, Falcon Autotech has grown to become a world leader in warehouse automation systems, boasting live installations in over 15 countries and a strong presence in over 10 years. 

Falcon Autotech has provided cutting-edge solutions to some of the most formidable names in a range of industries, from e-commerce, CEP, and fashion to food/FMCG, auto and pharmaceutical sectors. With over 1800 live installations globally, Falcon Autotech has often been the catalyst for efficiency and technological growth for companies across the globe. 

“Falcon Autotech is much more than a solutions provider,” says Chris Josey, Regional Head for Australia and New Zealand at Falcon Autotech. “It’s a technology partner that understands the unique complexities of your warehouse logistics and supply chain challenges. It designs, manufactures, supplies, implements, and maintains top-tier warehouse automation systems with the agility, flexibility, and innovative spirit that’s needed to prepare businesses for the challenges of tomorrow.”


The company traces its roots back 2004, when Falcon Autotech was originally founded under the name “Futuristic Robotics”. “It specialised in special purpose machines for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries” says Chris. 

But in 2010, it pivoted towards a new frontier, “After a lot of research and development, they settled on the warehouse automation space to create a standard technology stack which can be widely adopted,” Chris reflects. Thus, in 2012, the rebranded Falcon Autotech embarked on an exciting journey, starting with the Indian market.

At the heart of Falcon Autotech is a family story. Originally helmed by a father-son duo, Naman Jain, the son, took the helm in 2020. Chris highlights his instrumental role, saying, “He has done an amazing job in really pushing the business or facilitating the business to move into the next step.” This ‘next step’ has involved taking Falcon’s warehouse automation solutions global, with the company investing heavily in new offices in Australia, UAE and will be opening up its office in the Netherlands in the coming months.


Having set up shop in March, Chris has been hard at work building the Falcon Autotech presence Down Under. “There is just little old me in Australia,” Chris laughs, “who’s relying very heavily on my support team in India to assist and support.”

Despite the geographical distance, the Indian team has provided invaluable support for Chris and the newly established Australian operation. From sales to installation support, they’re committed to making Falcon Autotech a household name in the Australian and New Zealand markets. “They see that as a very strategic growth direction for Falcon Autotech,” Chris says. “I don’t think it’ll be just me for long.”

The company is planning to expand its Australian footprint, with the sights set on an office in Sydney.

Currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, Chris confidently bridges the gap between the two continents. The company’s commitment to supporting their international expansions is impressively demonstrated by their response to recent projects.

Falcon Autotech shines in the realm of pick-put-to light systems, conveyor systems and robotics solutions.
Falcon Autotech shines in the realm of pick-put-to light systems, conveyor systems and robotics solutions.

Chris cites an ongoing project with Aramex in Chullora, New South Wales as an example of Falcon Autotech’s capabilities in delivery large scale warehouse automation solutions. 

“We are currently installing a crossbelt sorter for Aramex,” he says. “With support of our Australian partner and strong support of 6 to 8 warehouse automation technicians that have come over from India to assist, the system is set to go-live in August.” The swift and robust support from the Indian team is an emphatic statement about Falcon Autotech’s commitment to its Australian endeavour.


For any company looking to optimise its warehouse logistics, Falcon Autotech offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge products and services. As Chris explains, the company’s offerings are both broad and specialised, spanning across five key technologies.

Their products start with a diverse range of sortation equipment. “From a crossbelt sorter to an arm sorter to a tilt tray sorter depending on the application,” Chris explains, “we offer a solution tailored to our client’s specific needs.” 

Among Falcon Autotech’s innovations, Chris highlights their dimension and weight scanning systems. These systems, offered in both static and dynamic variants, further streamline the supply chain process, ensuring accurate measurements for every item that passes through a warehouse.

Falcon also shines in the realm of pick-put-to light systems, conveyor systems, and robotics solutions. In particular, Chris highlights two of their robotic offerings — RoboPick and RoboDome— as a testament to the company’s commitment to advanced technology solutions.

What’s more, the company is on the cusp of launching a new addition to its impressive portfolio. 

“At CeMAT this year, we’ll be releasing our latest innovation, our 3D automatic storage and retrieval system called NEO – An ASRS that Everyone can Own,” Chris reveals. These solutions are affordable, scalable, reliable, and simple.

“We listen to what the customers need and want. By truly understanding their client’s requirements, Falcon Autotech designs systems and programs that not only meet the immediate demands but also expand their product line for future needs. This approach is not about creating a one-size-fits-all solution, but instead about crafting tailored systems that can evolve alongside their clients’ business needs.”

One of the distinct strengths of Falcon Autotech is its in-house IT team. Having designed all of its own automated control systems, the company ensures seamless integration with existing warehouse infrastructure. Rather than imposing their systems onto the customer’s setup, Falcon makes their technology work harmoniously with what’s already in place. “We make our systems work with them,” Chris says, underlining Falcon’s commitment to creating customer-focused solutions.


Falcon Autotech is swiftly making its mark in the Australian and New Zealand market. “We have a very strong and long-lasting relationship with Aramex,” Chris says. This successful partnership has already resulted in a significant project, with a system for Aramex in Sydney currently under construction and set to go live later this year.

But Falcon Autotech’s footprint in the ANZ region goes beyond a single project. According to Chris, they’ve seen a successful soft launch in the country and have a “very healthy opportunity pipeline of projects” in the works. Over the next year, they look forward to these opportunities advancing to the design and installation stages.

In addition, a significant partnership with Alstef Group is key to Falcon’s operations in the region. This global relationship has Alstef handling the customer side for Falcon’s crossbelt sorters in the parcel market, as well as overseeing the installation and maintenance for all regional projects.

But the vision for Falcon Autotech in the ANZ region extends beyond just selling products. Chris emphasises that Falcon aims to partner with clients to grow their businesses sustainably and viably. “My plan for Falcon within this region is to create an organisation that’s in line with our parent company,” Chris says. This means ensuring a measured pace of growth that allows for dedicated customer support, and staying true to Falcon’s core values of customer-centricity and innovation.

Despite being relatively young in the warehouse automation space, the company carries a sense of pride in its achievements over the last 11 years. But it’s not just about past successes – Falcon Autotech is sharply focused on the future and delivering cost-effective results for current and prospective clients.

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