NEO Launch

Falcon Autotech Launches a Revolutionary ASRS Technology “NEO” to Transform the Warehousing Landscape.

The revolutionary technology consists of bots that can move across X, Y & Z dimensions to reach the target bins.
It also automates tasks such as retrieval and sorting, resulting in faster order fulfilment and increasing picker productivity.

New Delhi, 14th June 2023: Falcon Autotech, a global leader in intralogistics automation solutions, has announced the launch of “NEO – An ASRS that everyone can own”. NEO is set to revolutionize the warehousing landscape by offering businesses unparalleled efficiency, enhanced productivity, and streamlined inventory management for order fulfilment and piece-picking operations.

A game-changer in the warehousing industry, NEO is leveraging robotics, artificial intelligence, and advanced sensors to automate goods’ storage and retrieval processes. Comprising five key components NEObots, NEOgrid, NEObins, NEOit, and NEOstations, the ASRS system enables storing and retrieving goods in an overlaid grid within the four walls of the warehouse without complex engineering. It is adaptive and can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively compared to traditional material handling systems.

NEO’s standout features include 3D movement wherein the bots can move freely in all three X, Y, and Z dimensions to reach their targeted bins eliminating the need for any lifts or conveyor system. NEO’s modular structure also provides the freedom to grow as your company grows. Based on the requirement, companies can add more robots or bins to cater to growing demands. In its decoupled system, any bot can enter any aisle, access any bin, and reach any workstation, making NEO the most flexible goods-to-person system. It also sets new standards for efficiency in warehousing operations by automating tasks such as retrieval and sorting, leading to faster order fulfilment and increasing picker productivity by 4-5X.

Sandeep Bansal, Chief Business Officer at Falcon Autotech, said, “We are thrilled with the launch of NEO, our advanced ASRS technology in India. NEO is competing with the manual multi-tier shelving system, and we are proud to announce that our engineers, with six years of dedication, have cracked this engineering challenge. In NEO, the per bin storage cost today is similar to a multi-tier shelving system, which means with just a fraction of the additional cost of automation, our customers can enjoy the unparalleled  ROI of this technology even in a low-labor cost market like India.”

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