Falcon’s CBO-Sandeep Bansal comments on National Logistics Day

Empowering Efficiency through Warehouse Automation

Falcon Autotech was featured in multiple journals and press releases on National Logistics Day. Sandeep Bansal, Chief Business Officer said – we celebrate the extraordinary growth and potential of warehouse automation in India. With the Indian warehouse automation market projected to reach USD 682.1 million in the next five years, experiencing an impressive CAGR of 26.1%, as per the Mordor Intelligence 2023 report, we stand witness to the transformative impact of automation on our industries.

We are very much aligned with the power of automation to revolutionize the logistics landscape, driving efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction to unprecedented heights. Warehouse automation enables companies to optimize their warehouse operations, reduce costs, and deliver faster, more accurate services. We continue to harness the potential of automation and will provide more innovative and leveraging cutting-edge automation solutions that will elevate the industry to greater heights.

Abhishek Sahu
Marketing Manager

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