Order Picking: Pick to Light Walls


The efficiency of warehouse operations is governed by the speed at which orders can be consolidated as well as the order picking accuracy. Falcon Autotech’s Pick to Light Systems slot perfectly into this realm. It is an extremely powerful solution of picking directly to orders using light directed picking. Companies using this solution from Falcon, have seen a multi-fold increase in pick rates per person besides a substantial improvement in the picking accuracies. This solution is particularly useful where the number of SKUs is not very high as compared to the number of orders. Order picking using Falcon Autotech’s Pick to Light systems follow the process flow detailed below:

Process Flow

The system comprises of picking racks with PTL modules mounted on them.

Each light represents one SKU stored in the rack’s pick location.

Each operator picks from a set of picking locations which is termed as a PICK ZONE. Multiple pick zones can be created in the system depending on the application.

Empty order cartons/totes containing an order ID, flow into the pick zones.

When pickers scan the order ID from the order cartons/totes, the light at the corresponding rack locations of the ordered SKUs will turn on.

The lights also display the quantity of that SKU required in the order.

The operator picks the required quantity of the SKU and presses the confirm button to record the pick.

The light goes off and the picker picks the next SKU.

Once all the SKUs have been picked, the order flows into the subsequent pick zones for picking, until it is completed.

Parallelly, next empty order carton/tote enters the current pick zone, and the picking process is repeated.

The overall process is repeated in all zones till all the orders are completed.


Easily expandable as per the changing business needs.

Elimination of physical order inspection post consolidation.

Batch picking reduces multiple trips to same SKU bins and hence increases the overall productivity.

Order consolidating process is completely paperless, thereby saving resources.

Maintenance free system with easy troubleshooting.

99.9% + accuracy is achieved.

Integration of frames with conveyor system for post processing like shrink wrap, taping, print & apply and route wise sorting makes it a complete warehouse order processing solution.