Featured image for “NEO – An ASRS That Everyone Can Own”

NEO – An ASRS That Everyone Can Own

NEO is a revolutionary ASRS system that stores and retrieves goods within an overlaid grid, housed within the four walls…

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Featured image for “Arm Sorter USPs”

Arm Sorter USPs

Explore the core advantages of Falcon Autotech’s cutting-edge linear arm sortation system, purpose-built to enhance warehouse throughputs and efficiency through…

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Featured image for “Cubizon Series USPs”

Cubizon Series USPs

Delve into the benefits of Falcon Autotech’s advanced static dimensioning and weighing machines, designed to enhance your warehouse efficiencies and…

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Unveil Falcon Autotech’s state-of-the-art automation solutions customized for spare parts distribution warehouses, elevating efficiency, precision, and optimizing operations within your…

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Featured image for “BatchIT-Fashion Products Distribution”

BatchIT-Fashion Products Distribution

Discover the ultimate guide to Fashion Distribution by Falcon Autotech. Dive into industry insights, challenges, and explore how our solutions…

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Featured image for “BatchIT-Grocery Distribution”

BatchIT-Grocery Distribution

Explore Falcon Autotech’s guide on grocery distribution automation, designed for efficiency and accuracy. Uncover industry challenges and how our innovative…

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Featured image for “Conveyor Automation Solutions”

Conveyor Automation Solutions

Explore cutting-edge Conveyor Automation Solutions to optimize your logistics. Streamline material flow, reduce labor costs, and boost efficiency. Elevate your…

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Featured image for “WAS-Offline Fashion Retailers”

WAS-Offline Fashion Retailers

Get an inside look at the primary obstacles faced by offline fashion retailers and explore Falcon Autotech’s warehouse automation solutions.…

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Featured image for “ControlIT-WCS:”


Empower your warehouse with our cutting-edge Warehouse Control System Software. Elevate your warehouse management, streamline processes, and optimize resources for…

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Featured image for “The Cubizon Series”

The Cubizon Series

Unveiling our Static Dimensioning and Weighing System – the key to precision and efficiency in logistics. Enhance accuracy, reduce errors,…

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Featured image for “Sortation Solutions”

Sortation Solutions

Discover the next level of sorting efficiency with our cutting-edge Sortation Solutions. Tailored to your unique needs, these systems streamline…

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Featured image for “Pick-Put-to-Light System”

Pick-Put-to-Light System

Elevate your order fulfillment process with our Pick Put to Light System. Improve accuracy, reduce picking time, and enhance efficiency.…

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Featured image for “Linear Arm Sorter”

Linear Arm Sorter

Meet our linear arm sorter system, your answer to streamlined sorting and increased efficiency. Explore how this cost effective technology…

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Featured image for “Dynamic Profiler”

Dynamic Profiler

Introducing our dynamic profiler system – the cutting-edge solution for real-time data capture and analysis. Unlock actionable insights and enhance…

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Featured image for “Cross Belt Sorter”

Cross Belt Sorter

Experience a logistics revolution with our Cross Belt Sorter system. Fast, precise, and adaptable – it’s your solution for efficient…

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