An ASRS which Everyone can own

A revolutionary system which is



Orchestrating Efficiency

In Order Fulfilment and Piece Picking Operations

An ASRS that Everyone can own

An Idea to Reality – NEO

The growth of modern retail- both online and offline, has exerted an unprecedented set of challenges on Order Fulfilment Supply chains. Delivery time expectations are shorter than ever, availability of skilled labour continues to decline, rentals for warehousing continue to rise, and the need to offer more and more SKUs is at an all-time high.

All these challenges make the consistent and reliable running of order fulfilment operations in a manual setup an almost impossible task, irrespective of the size of the operations.

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What makes NEO so revolutionary?

NEO is based on a redefined design philosophy that looks at the problem of bin-based ASRS/GTP from a completely fresh lens. What we wanted to develop required us to leapfrog everything available in the market and design an entirely new technology stack from scratch. The journey took our engineers five painstaking years, and in the process, they ended up cracking some of the most challenging engineering problems, eventually giving birth to NEO.


NEO is an ASRS/GTP System that allows for

  • Any robot to access any bin in the system
  • Any bin to be placed at any rack location in the system
  • Any robot to be able to access any Pick/Put station in the system

Benefits of NEO

  • Ability to maximize the use of vertical height of the building
  • Ability to scale up storage capacity without any operational impact
  • Ability to scale up throughput without any operational impact
  • Ability to be installed in any existing building without the need for any special flooring
  • Ability to accommodate the layout according to the building shape and size

The Three Degrees of Freedom

3D Movement

In the NEO system, the bots can move freely in all three dimensions X, Y, and Z to reach to their targeted bins eliminating the need for any lifts or conveyor system.

Grow as you Grow

NEO's modular structure provides the freedom to grow as you grow. Based on your requirements, you can add more robots or more bins to cater to your growing demands. 

Decoupled system

In NEO, any bot can enter any aisle, access any bin, and reach any workstation, making NEO the most flexible goods-to-person system on this planet.

NEO Architecture

NEO is inspired by modern urban city architecture, where high-rise buildings, a network of roads and highways, and self-driven autonomous vehicles create a perfect ecosystem for the future of living.

In the NEO system, high-rise buildings are represented by storage towers for bins, roads/highways are represented by a network of robot movement aisles, and self-driving vehicles represent the NEO Robots with the exception that NEO Robots can not only navigate freely on the ground but also climb the racks to access the vertical heights of the storage towers.

NEO Components



The NEOBots autonomously and independently move in all three dimensions under the structure and bring goods to and from picking operators. Built to operate 24 hrs, the NEOBot is powered by a swappable lithium battery, providing maximum uptime.


The NEO system is built around a storage
grid made up of a simple racking structure
that can reach a height of 60 feet to enable vertical space utilisation in the warehouse.


Products are stored and moved in
specialised bins or totes designed to
be handled by the NEO system. Each
bin can be partitioned into 2/3/4/6 subsections for for multi SKU storage.


NEOiT is Falcon’s in-house developed
warehouse control software (WCS) that
controls the NEO System. NEOiT acts as a virtual WMS for the NEO system, ensuring that inventory management, order planning and route planning are done to achieve maximum throughput.


NEO system comes with workstations for order picking and storage. The NEOstations enable extermely high pick and put rate via a user-friendly touch screen.


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