Zone/Batch Picking and Order Consolidation with Sorters/ Sorter + PTL


Typically companies operating in Fashion retail, E-Commerce Retail, Grocery retail and Spare part distribution adopt Order Picking as the preferred Picking Strategy due to its simplicity in downstream functions such as Quality Check, Order Packing and Order Dispatch. However, the picking productivity tends to be the poorest in Order Picking environment because of Long idle walks that pickers have to make to pick every order. Falcon has designed a system using a combination of their Pick/Put to Light systems and Automated Sorters to overcome this bottleneck. This system follows the Process Flow mentioned below:

Process Flow

The products are stored in storage locations that are mapped in the system in multiple Zones, where each product is a Pick Location and is represented by a PTL module.

At the start of the shift, a wave is defined consisting of a batch of orders.

The operators pick the products required for the batch from their respective zones.

The picked products are fed into the Automated Sorters that sort and consolidate the products as per the orders at High Speeds.


Reduced walking distance between two picks.

Increased Depth of Picking per Pick Location.

Increased Number of Products picked per Pick trip.

Improved Picking Rates per hour (up to 200% in some cases).